Sugar Silos – Commercial premises (for rent)

Inspiring business premises
The now iconic Sugar Silos stand on the old CSM site. They served as sugar stores for decades. The 50 metre-high towers now house state-of-the-art office and business space that is home to many creative businesses and showrooms. This creates a very fine dynamic between them.

Sustainable development
Sustainability was at the top of the agenda during the redevelopment of the Sugar Silos into offices. For example, the Sugar Silos were awarded an ‘A’ energy rating, and sustainable energy is used thanks to an ATES system. In the evening, the Sugar Silos provide a sparkling riot of colours thanks to the hundreds of coloured LED lights installed in the window frames. In short, the Sugar Silos are perfect for anyone looking for a unique office, business or show space!

Business premises to rent
The Sugar Silos have spaces for rent starting from 171 m² (gross lettable area). This is one quarter of an entire floor. The rooms are modular, (additional) renting is possible by the quarter floor with the option to rent a complete floor.

Office and business premises
Enclosed car park
Panoramic view
From 171 m²

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