Lime Slaker – Catering

Lime milk was needed for sugar production to purify the beet juice. In order to obtain this, calcium-rich limestone was used on the CSM site. In the Lime Slaker, quenched quicklime was extinguished and mixed with water. For this reason, the building was also called the ‘Lime Milk Building’.

The original skeleton of the building is being used to its full potential. The raw and open look remains intact with large glass facades all around. There is a lot of light and the ‘Lime Slaker’ retains its industrial character. In its new guise, there will be a bar on the ground floor and on the first floor, both of which can function as a restaurant and a bar. The Lime Oven Square to the rear offers space for a sunny terrace on sultry summer days.

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Under development
Original construction
Bar and restaurant