Water Cooling Building – Restaurant


In its glory days, the sugar factory was allowed to use the water from the Ringvaart canal for the production process (washing and cooking). Before the water was allowed back into the Ringvaart, it had to be cooled. The name says it all, this happened in the Water Cooling Building. Large, slow-turning propellers cooled the water, after which it flowed back into the Ringvaart past the thousands of slats.


The Water Cooling Building will become a special restaurant on the waterfront including large decks on both sides. From the restaurant, you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the old pumping station.

In this development, too, the industrial character will be preserved and as many authentic elements as possible will be reused or restored. Some of the original slats will be visible on the inside. There will be glass facades for an open and industrial feel and to crown it all, two glass domes will be placed atop the building.

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Under development
Original elements
New function: hotel and restaurant
View of the water