Factory – Events

SugarCity Events is the industrial event location of the moment. The raw and industrial atmosphere of the former sugar factory can still be felt. The high spaces, impressive atriums and other historical elements make this a unique venue for events. Because the various rooms can be used separately or in combination, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to organise an intimate event or go to town for a large audience, SugarCity Events offers a suitable space for every event. Of course, all rooms are equipped with the most modern facilities to give your event the support it needs.

Industrial venue
8,000 m2
Everything according to your own wishes

Different spaces

SugarCity Events is located in the former sugar factory on the SugarCity grounds. One location with five different spaces, so we can create a custom event location. Each of the industrial spaces has its own character and can be connected to one or more other spaces. Check out all the spaces on the SugarCity Events website.

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