Have your employees tested at SugarCity

As an employer, you want to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Especially in these uncertain times. Preventive testing for the coronavirus can help. At SugarCity, you can now have your employees tested free of charge in the Werknemers Testsen testing station.

By having your employees tested, you increase safety in the workplace and reduce the number of absences due to illness and/or quarantine. The test result is available within 30 minutes!

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Free, fast and reliable

✓  Free rapid test for every employee

✓  Test results within 30 minutes

✓  Reliable, RIVM-validated tests

✓ Open 7 days a week

For which kind of companies is the free rapid test interesting?

The free covid-19 rapid test is particularly interesting for organisations where employees cannot work from home. For example, organisations in logistics and distribution, retail, production and contact professions. Because the result is known within 30 minutes, your employees can safely go back to work in case of a negative result.