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Producer Talpa has once again opted for the industrial location of SugarCity for the eighth season of The Voice of Holland! The episodes for The Battles and The Knockouts were filmed over six days of shooting. In The Battles, the candidates of The Voice of Holland compete for a place in the live shows. Because of the many talents, an extra round was also needed this year – The Knockouts. This year, a completely new setting was created for this part. In the junior version of the programme, The Voice Kids, children also get the chance to prove themselves in the ring.

The recordings took place in September and October 2016. In just over three weeks, the entire location was transformed into a fully furnished TV studio and then handed back again empty afterwards. To complete the decor, an extra boiler was built on the ground floor from where camera images were also taken. In between, the location was converted several times in order to be able to film the various elements during the shooting days. Approximately 300 people per recording day were welcomed by the audience, which enthusiastically cheered on the candidates.

In preparation for the return of The Voice of Holland, several wishes were realised, including a wider range of internet options and the insulation of the production office. The platform of the stairs has also been enlarged. Where the stairs come together, there was room for a new setting during The Knockouts.

The industrial look of SugarCity perfectly matches the decor of The Battles. The boxing ring is given an extra dimension by the atrium and the use of the first floor. The location reinforces the setting of the rounds of The Voice of Holland.

The SugarCity recordings were broadcast between 2 December 2016 and 6 January 2017 on RTL4.
The episodes of The Voice Kids can be seen from 31 March at 20:30 on RTL4.

For more information, visit the website of The Voice of Holland.

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